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Know what the people who you pay for, are doing in YOUR NAME. Visit the Australian Parliment Bills and Legislation website.

Australia, it is time that We The People STOP making excuses for those who were ‘hired’ to help our nation grow, to help keep you and yours safe, to better our nation… as a unified ‘organisation’.

Do your research… we have.

Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies) Bill 2020

Refer to see section 123AA(4) Immunity in relation to certain assistance:

 (4)  The Chief of the Defence Force, or the Secretary, may, in writing, authorise a person, or each person in a class of persons, to perform duties in respect of the provision of assistance mentioned in subsection (1), if the person, or each person in the class of persons, is any of the following:

  (a)  an APS employee or other employee of the Commonwealth or a Commonwealth authority or agency;

  (b)  a member of the naval, military or air force of a foreign country, or a member of a foreign police force (however described).

or another (Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence – The New International Economic Order, Implications for Australia; dated 19 February 1980…YES, 1980).

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Summary found HERE