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Riccardo Bosi

Who is Riccardo Bosi?
Riccardo Bosi is a:
  • published author and speaker,
  • international business consultant,
  • former Australian Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel, and
  • National Leader of AustraliaOne Party Incorporated.

    He is a first generation Australian of Italian World War 2 refugees who arrived in 1951.

    Riccardo served 24 years in the Australian Army including postings to the Special Air Service Regiment, the 1st Commando Regiment, Headquarters Special Operations and the US Combined Joint Task Force Headquarters in Kuwait.

    He retired in 2004 when he established his firm, Lionheart Australasia, which consults to major corporates on leadership, strategy and innovation.

    Internationally Riccardo has consulted on business continuity in the gas and oil industry in Italy, Pakistan, Thailand and the Philippines.

    In 2010 Riccardo and his wife moved to the United Arab Emirates when he was contracted to advise their Special Operations Command. He developed high level strategy and capability development frameworks and also led the training of UAE Special Forces soldiers to fight the ‘War on Terror’ and deployed with them to Afghanistan in 2012.

    During this time his wife gave birth to their two daughters in Abu Dhabi.

    Since his return to Australia in 2014, Riccardo continued consulting and in addition undertook the role of primary caregiver to his family while his wife underwent three years of chemotherapy to treat her multiple sclerosis.

    Riccardo, his wife and a team of dedicated volunteers are creating AustraliaOne, a political organisation which will meet the neglected needs of the ‘silent and silenced majority’ of the Australian people.

    Riccardo is happily married and has three wonderful children.

    Where can I purchase Riccardo's book?
    You can purchase Riccardo's book, Greatness Awaits You: The Five Pillars of Real Leadership through Wilkinson Publishing.