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AustraliaOne Party
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Donation Disclaimer

The success of AustraliaOneParty Inc is as a direct result of the input and generosity of Australians.

By donating to AustraliaOne, you are making a direct contribution to our electoral efforts.

As AustraliaOne Party Inc is a start-up political organisation, donations by individuals are as yet not tax deductible. However, in keeping with our moral and ethical obligations to our supporters and members, we endeavour to adhere to all financial standards of existing Australian political organisations as noted under the provisions of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918; this includes the knowing receipt of donations from foreign donors.

Foreign donors include:

  • a foreign public enterprise;
  • an entity (whether or not incorporated) that does not meet any of the following conditions:
    • the entity is incorporated in Australia;
    • the entity’s head office is in Australia;
    • the entity’s principal place of activity is, or is in, Australia;
  • an individual who is none of the following:
    • an elector;
    • an Australian citizen;
    • an Australian resident;
    • a New Zealand citizen who holds a Subclass 444 (Special Category) visa under the Migration Act 1958 (or if that Subclass ceases to exist, the kind of visa that 16 replaces that Subclass)

If we suspect that a donation has been received from an individual and or entity as noted above, we advise that this will be returned without explanation.


We sincerely thank you for your understanding.